WS1, week 14, July 17th 2015



  • Your essay should be typed on A4,
  • double-spaced and
  • with proper academic format,
  • and be between 1,000-2,000 words.
  • The essay is due next Friday, July 24th. That is the last class.
  • I shall not be returning to DWC until next semester, so if you are absent next week or you forget your essay, please email it to me by Sunday July 26th.

Today’s class

  • Review of how to write items in a bibliography. All the information today is in the MLA guidebook.
  • You should use at least three different sources.
  • If you use a Japanese source, write the details in Roman letters, following the MLA style (Author’s LastName, First Name(s). Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Date of publication. Print.)
  • If you use a website, follow the MLA guildelines for writing the details in your bibliography or reference sections. (Here is a very good explanation of the MLA guidelines for web pages. And here is another one: )
  • If you use a Japanese website, the same rule applies: write everything in Roman letters. In addition, at the end, write the date you accessed that website most recently.
  • Your essay title should reflect the content of your essay. Here are 2 examples for an essay about CS Lewis and his wife Joy Davidman:
    • X Essay title- “C.S. Lewis”
    • O Essay title – “C.S. Lewis’ marriage.”
  • Here are 2 more examples of bad and good titles:
    • X Essay title – “A Comparison of the Narnia series with the Harry Potter series”.  This title suggests the content will compare ALL the Narnia books with ALL the Harry Potter books. Really? This will be a very long essay!
    • O Essay title – “A Comparison of ‘The Magician’s Nephew’ with One of the Harry Potter books.”

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