WS1: WEEK 10, JUNE 21ST, 2019


  • Read my comments to your book report draft 1 (I will send you two files soon on Manaba)
  • rewrite your draft 1
  • save it as “WS1 Book report1 draft2 YourName” and upload it to Manaba by next Friday.

Today’s class

  1. Group discussions about book reports
  2. Questions:
    1. How did you feel while doing your book reports (finding the book, reading it, writing the report, uploading, etc, everything)?
    2. What was most difficult or what did you not like about doing the book report?
    3. What did you enjoy about this assignment? In addition, give yourself an enjoyment score out of 10 points.
    4. How can you use the textbook and book report assignments to improve your English?
      1. What can you do?
      2. What could I (Mr. Sheffner) do to help you improve ?
    5. How could you enjoy this class more?
      1. What can you do?
      2. What could I (Mr. Sheffner) do to help you enjoy more?
  3. One-to-one discussion about your writing.

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