WS1: Week 1, April 13th, 2018

Welcome to Sheffner’s Writing Strategies I (WS1) class, Friday 1st period.

There is no textbook  for this class.


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  2. Read the short story “The Pot with the Hole” (today’s handout, download a copy here:

Today’s class

  1. Small-group discussion and report and individual written answers:: What are “academic writing skills”?
    1. Mini-lecture on the history of academic writing
  2. Small-group discussion and report and individual written answers: How to improve your academic English writing?
    1. Lots of reading (I recommend easy reading – “easy” means anything in English that you can understand 90% of without a dictionary).
  3. You can download today’s handout here: WS1, 2018 – course intro

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22 thoughts on “WS1: Week 1, April 13th, 2018”

  1. I am Mimori. I am from Osaka. My hobby is reading novels.
    I like studying about history. Especially I like about Sengoku era.

    I know British cultures affect to Japanese cultures. I think that all countries relation many years ago.

  2. I am sorry to be late for leaving comment of your class.
    I think that academic skill is important because this skill is neccesary in some class and test.
    So, I want to get academic skills.

  3. Hello! I’m Juri.
    I could understand the importance of academic writing skills and history of writing, so I will study hard.

  4. Hello. I’m Toki!
    I could understand how to use the writing skill we study in this class and how important this is. I want to study hard in this class!!!

  5. To think about this theme is difficult for me. So I was helped by group work. I could learn other friend’s opinion. And music were pop music! Please listened me your favorite music.

  6. Hello I’m Marina. I didn’t know the correct meaning what are academic writing skills however I can understand it is a important to write a fact from this class. Thank you.

  7. I could know the right meaning of what is academic writing skills, so it will be helpful for me to write many kinds of reports.

  8. Hello My name is Mamiko. I found that it is very important to search a lot of questions in my daily life. So the lecture was good for me.

  9. Hello! My name is Miyafuji. I thought
    origin is important through history of academic writing skills.

  10. Hello! I found it important to be interested in anything and have questions and search. I’ll try to acquire the academic skills.

  11. I learned Academic writing skills’ history.
    I’ve not ever thought that, so the lecture is good for me. Thank you.

  12. Hello. It was a good opportunity for me to reconsider writing.
    I didn’t know that writing has such a long history and I’d like to value “why?” after this.

  13. Hi!!! I could think about what is important to improve my academic English writing skills and share various opinions with my friends.

  14. i’ve never thought about the meaning of “writing academic skiils”, so it was really good lecture for me.

  15. Hello. I thought not only result also process is important through yesterday’s class. In addition, I’m going to wonder various things daily.

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