Writing Strategies, week 3: April 25th, 2014

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The course outline (if you attended week 1, you  should already have a copy: I just added a blank schedule) is here: 2014 WS1_Handout


Read chapters 2 and 3 of “The Magician’s Nephew” and answer the multiple-choice questions.

Presenters, prepare your presentations.

In today’s class

11 thoughts on “Writing Strategies, week 3: April 25th, 2014”

  1. Hi, Mr. Sheffner.

    I read chapter 2, it was difficult for me to understand.
    There were many words that I don’t know.
    However it was interesting.
    So I am look forward to reading.

  2. Hello, Mr, sheffner.

    I translated chapter 2 of this story last week. It was so difficult for me to understand then. After the last class, I read the translated book, and could understand this story. I thought it is so exciting! So, I”m looking forward to read next chapter, and class!

  3. Hello, Mr. Sheffner

    I looked up about chapter 2, and translated and summarized it for last class because I was presenter. Although It was difficult, it was interesting for me!
    I was so excited to read chapter 3!
    I’m interested in the rest of the story.

  4. Hello, Mr.Sheffner.

    when I read this chapter, I wanted to read next chapter.
    I’m looking forward to next class.

  5. Hello, Mr. Sheffner.
    I thought that this story is difficult for me. But I felt interesting it last class.
    I felt frightening uncle Andrew. I’m expecting Digory and Polly’s adventure.

  6. Hello, Mr.Sheffner.

    Last class, I looked up some words and summarized chapter 2. It was a little difficult for me and I couldn’t do it well. I want to read it again and understand it exactly. I think using a computer is good because we can get valuable piece of information.

  7. Hello, Mr.Sheffner.

    I thought chapter 2 was a littele difficult to read. But the story was exciting.
    Especially when I heard Lefay is fairy’s name, I feel it’s interesting. And I want to know about it more.

  8. Hello,Mr.sheffner.
    Last class, I translated this book at chapter 2.
    It was a little difficult, but I enjoyed translating

  9. Hi!! Mr.sheffner.
    Last class i had just fun. sometimes i feel its difficult to understand.
    in the story talks little bit Atlantis. i thought it was really interesting thing.
    cause i just wonder the NALNIA is Atlantis?? i just wondering.
    i fund very interesting!!

  10. Hello, Mr.Sheffner.

    At first, I thought this story was not easy for me, but I think it is interesting now!
    I’m looking forward to reading a next chapter!

  11. Good evening,Mr.Sheffner,

    I summarized a part of chapter 2 last week.
    Your class is more active than other classes.
    For example, I searched about Atlantis on the Internet or read the meaning of it. So,I think I have to work hard from now on.

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