Writing Strategies session #2: Friday, April 23rd, 2010

  1. Read and translate and answer oral questions on chapter 1.
  2. Academic writing: writing for the reader
    1. Proper format for written academic paper
    2. handout #1
    3. Write your name and date on a piece of looseleaf paper, using the format in the handout #1
    4. Re-write your self-introduction for the reader:
      1. Where were you born? Where in Japan is it?
      2. What is it famous for? (If you use Japanese words, explain them for the reader).
    5. Proper MLA style for referencing book titles (MLA handbook, page 3
    6. Write the title of our textbook using this MLA style, on your looseleaf paper.
  3. Assignment #2 (for session 3, May 6th):
    1. Finish reading chapter 1.
    2. Write a summary in Japanese of chapter 1 in 5 sentences.
    3. Leave a comment on this blog, with the title of the book(s) you have read from cover to cover in English. Include a link to the book (e.g. on Amazon Japan) using the HTML tag you learned in this class, so that other readers can find out more about the book.

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