Writing Strategies II, week 6: November 2nd, 2012

Topic wrapper
“Topic” is a chocolate bar in Europe. Yum!


  1. Write a comment in this blog by Tuesday midnight:
    1. what do you hope to learn or get from
      1. Other people’s presentations?
      2. Your own presentation?
  2. Read  Genesis 1:1-2
  3. read ch 9 of “Magician’s Nephew” and freewrite
    1. your questions
    2. Pick 3 images & write about them:
      1. What do they mean to you?
      2. What do they remind you of?
      3. Why do you like/dislike them?
      4. Other

 In today’s class:

  1. Each student or group of students made a short report about their research topic:
    1. name and topic title
    2. what you know (about the topic)
    3. what you want to know
    4. what you have found out so far
    5. where you looked


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11 thoughts on “Writing Strategies II, week 6: November 2nd, 2012”

  1. I forgot to leave a comment. I’m sorry.
    I heard other students presentations. It’s very interesting topics.
    They are good viewpoints! I want to search for my topic more.

  2. Hello!
    I learned various thinking from other students presentation topics.
    I want to research about relation between Magician’s Nephew and Christianity.
    Other student’s topic about name origin that is interesting for me.
    It has relation to my presentation topic.

  3. I am sorry, I’m late for leave comment.
    In the last class, I heard the other presentations’ topic, I’m looking forward to hearing that very much.
    I think that I can go on reading this book with more fascination by other presentations.
    I want to find the pleasure of examining it by own presentation.

  4. I’m terribly sorry for submtting this in so late.
    Other students topics are very interesting for me.
    I got many informations from other students for example the meanings of ring’s color.
    My research topic is Christianity, so I want to check library and deep understanding.

  5. There are a lot of interesting topics in my class.
    I would understand more about The Magician’s Nephew.I’m looking forward to their presentation.
    My topic is the relationship between christianity and this book.
    There are some people with same topic, so I will exchange our information in the next class.

  6. I think last week’s class is a good opportunity for me to know other student’s topic and i could find a new
    viewpoint. I’m looking forward to listening other student’s presentation and I want to know various opinons by other student’s presentation. This time, I’m going to compare The Magician’s Nephew with The last battle.
    These stories are connected with biblical stories so i want to compare these stories with bible.

  7. Last week’s class was meaningful for me. I could hear other students’ interesting topics. There are so bright ideas what I cannot conceive. I want to tell you more substantial information about The Magician’s Nephew. I’m looking forward to doing next presentation.

  8. There are mmany interesting topics in the other day’s presentations.
    Especially, I’m interested in colors of rings and symbols of animals.
    I want to know these meaning and what they indicate.
    On my presentation, I want to know Queen’s symbol and Lewis’s expression about Queen.

  9. I think other students choose and narrow topics well. I expect more narrow topics make us understand well. I want to reserch The Lion, The Witch and The Magician’s Nephew, because they are popular even they have some same points. Why? i want to know including that point.

  10. Hi.
    I heard other students’ presentation. I thought other students’ topic was so exciting.I got a lot of information from other students. I was interested in various topics. My topic compare with The Magician’s Nephew and Alice in Wonderland. I watched Alice in Wonderland’s movie, but I don’t read book.So I’m going to read it and I want to research on my presentation.

  11. Hello.
    I heard other student’s presentation, I want to hear quickly because there were various topics. I thought I want to limit one or two topic that compare with two story.
    I think there are many things that I can check, so I want to read a Alice in wonderland’s book. And I want to compare enough.

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