Writing Strategies II, week 4: October 19th, 2012

We read to learn that we are not alone.

These words are said to C.S. Lewis by one of his students in the movie “Shadowlands” (which is in the DWCLA library)

書誌ID :
書名/編著名 :
Shadowlands / directed by Richard Attenborough
特定資料種別コード :
出版・頒布事項 :
New York : HBO Home Video , c1993
形態事項 :
1 videocassette (133 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in
その他の標題 :
その他のタイトル:Richard Attenborough’s film Shadowlands : based on a true story
著者標目リンク :
本文言語 :
NC番号 :

Your thoughts, questions, confusions, understanding, insights, etc. are all valuable to other students. They have value for others because they are unique. Listening to others we can get new ideas and perspectives, and also discover that we are not alone.

In your projects for this semester, don’t compare a book with a movie. Compare books to books, and movies to movies.

The schedule for presentations etc. is as follows:

  • Presentation #1: Nov. 2nd – a short progress report 経過報告、進捗状況報告(書)、中間報告(書)
  • Presentation #2: Nov. 30th and Dec. 7th
  • Final paper: January 11th (week 13) for group reading and feedback; then Jan. 18th (week 14). (The last class of the year is on Jan. 25th.)

Today, we

  1. discussed our freewritings of chapter 4 in groups of 5 students
  2. read classmates’ topics
  3. listened to an explanation about a different kind of research paper, and received a copy of an example essay about choosing a camera
  4. suggestions for freewriting:
    1. don’t write a summary of the chapter
    2. consider what the author (C.S. Lewis) wanted the reader to think about.
      1. E.g., in chapter 3, Digory and Polly quarrel. Is Digory right? Is Polly right? Polly wanted to go home and not explore the world they came to, but Digory wanted to explore and wouldn’t listen to Polly. Who was right? Polly? Digory? Neither of them? Both of them?
      2. In chapter 2, Digory decides to take the rings and go and find Polly. Is he a specially brave person? Or is this human nature? What IS human nature? Is it human nature to help people who are in trouble? Or does Digory do this because he is British? Is this British culture?


Read chapters 5 and 6 and freewrite your thoughts about it as you read, like a movie of your mind. 15 minutes or 1 page of B5.

Shadowlands (film)
Shadowlands (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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