Writing Strategies II, week 2: October 5th, 2012

Today we will discuss chapters 1 and 2 of “The Magician’s Nephew”.

If you have not read these 2 chapters (at least in Japanese), you will find it difficult to participate in the class.


Read chapter 3 and do the following:

  1. write response (感想文) in English about today’s class on the class blog here (click “Leave a comment” and follow the instructions; use your dwc email address, and use your initials instead of your full name, for your privacy). Deadline Tuesday midnight.
  2. Freewriting – 10 minutes, on looseleaf paper (not on the blog): what did you like and what did you not like about chapter 3?
  3. Start making a list of possible topics for your research paper:
    • Any questions you have or things you want to learn or understand about “The Magician’s Nephew”, the Narnia series, the author (C.S. Lewis), English fantasy children’s stories, fairy tales, books on Christianity for children, etc.
    • Allow something to choose you, something that you want intensely to know
    • Think about it over the next 2 weeks;
    • Let your mind receive possible topics,  especially at night as you fall asleep and in the morning as you wake up.
    • Keep a notepad next to your bed to write down ideas.
    • Don’t be satisfied with something you can do that seems proper for school. You are in charge here. This project must have benefit (a payoff) for you.
  4. Bring the list on paper to next week’s class.



18 thoughts on “Writing Strategies II, week 2: October 5th, 2012”

  1. Hello. I’m sorry to be late to write this comment.
    Last class was little hard for me because I’m not good at freewriting.
    But I think freewriting is good practice to improve writing ability.
    BGM is good.

  2. I think this class will raise our writing skill. I’d like to write a lot of words more than last week.

  3. Free Writing is a little difficult for me, because I cannot express well I want to write. But I’d like to improve writing skill, so I’ll keep on trying.

  4. Good evening. Friday’s class was very good. I think free writing is good practices writing English. So I’ll do it my best every time. And the contents of the book is interesting. I wonder how the story will develop after this. What do the three rings means? Moreovere, I deepn my understanding by sharing eveyone’s idea. Finally, I like your selection of BGM!! Thank you!! See you next Friday.

  5. Friday’s class was good. I like freewriting because I don’t have to worry about vocaburary and grammer. So I enjoyed freewriting and I want to write more. And Magician’s Nephew was so interesting. I’m looking forward to next class.

  6. Good evening. Last class was a little hard for me. I didn’t do free writing that I expected. But better than last week’s free writing, I thought. This semester’s story is diffrent from spring semester’s story. I want to know that. This week, I want to write more free writing.

  7. Wrting class increased free writing recently. I am not good at writing my opinion. So I want to be good at writing my opinion in this class.

  8. Hi.last week’s class was good for me. I think free writing is helpful for me to improve my writing skills. I want to write many things in English.

  9. I hate reading English book becase it takes too much time for me to understand the story. but ‘The Magician of Nephew’ is very interesting. So It makes me read the book soon. And in last class, the teacher said ‘ it’s not important neither the book nor other students. YOU are important.’ I heard it and I could feel so relaxed.

  10. The last week’s class was quality time for me. Free writing is enjoyable because I can write what’s on my mine. But it is so difficult. So I’d like to keep improving.

  11. I think Friday’s class was good. We could have enough time to do freewriting.
    I want to improve my writing skill so this class give me a great opportunity.
    In addition, knowing classmate’s opinion serves as a stimulus for my study.

  12. RI

    Hello. Friday’s class was good. But, I thought Free writing was difficult for me. Grammer was bad and vocabulary was bad too. But, I want to write more.
    BGM is good for me and I like it very much.

  13. I am very weak that free writing in English, so I want free writing of many things in this clas. I read The Magician’s Nephew of capter1 and 2 in this class. This story is little hard to understand. And I have some questions about this story. But I am interested in this story. I am looking forward to that how story.

  14. AK

    Hi.Friday’s class was good. Especially, free writing was so good for me. Writing is my weak point, but I wany to get good at sth. And the atmosphere at my class is to my liking. I like BGM,too.

  15. From the latter period, we do a freewriting at the beginning of a class, and I hated it at first. Because I’m not good at freewriting. But I want to try so hard that I can improve little by little.
    It is easy to hear English of the teacher and I can understand explanation.
    As for the latter period thanking you in advance.

  16. Hello. I think our class in last week was a litle hard. Because we wrote the thing we thought in English. I have an idea I want to write. But I have to write in English. It’s difficult for me to translate Japanese into English. Although, I want to try to write a lot of thing step by step.

  17. Good evening. I didn’t attend the first class because of a headache. I wasn’t able to understand what to do. But I did at once. I’ll want to hang on this semester at my own pace.

  18. Hello. Friday’s class was good for me. Because I like writing my immediate impressioin. The first semester, I think we read rather than write. So, I want to write this semester. And I also love BGM, it makes me relax.

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