Writing Strategies II, week 13: January 11th, 2013

C.S. Lewis.
C.S. Lewis. (Photo credit: North Coast Photographic)


Re-write your final paper, print out and bring to class next week.

Today’s class:

  1. Mr. Sheffner answered some student questions about chapter 13, in particular,
    1. what do the words mean on the golden gate?
    2. why does Digory enter the garden alone?
    3. why doesn’t Polly tell Digory not to listen to the witch?
  2. Mr. Sheffner talked about the simple Christian message: joy is possible, peace is possible, contentment is possible, for every human being. Joy, peace, contentment come when we are close to Aslan (God) and when we are close to Jesus and when we follow their advice. What Aslan wants for Digory and Polly and all the inhabitants of Narnia is joy – to enjoy Narnia and enjoy the gift of life.
  3. Students read each others’ final papers, in groups of 4 or 5, checking for meaning, format errors and spelling/grammar mistakes.
  4. Mr. Sheffner explained how to write a bibliography. Click the link to download the document (PDF):  MLA_Sheffner
  5. 15 minutes free writing on
    1. the experience of writing the final paper
    2. the experience of preparing for and giving two oral presentations this semester
    3. the experience of reading classmates’ final papers and getting their comments.
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