Writing Strategies Final Exam – Jan. 20th, 2012

Dear Writing Strategies students,
Details of next week's exam:
1) You can bring anything 持ち込み全て可. Please bring your textbook (Magician's Nephew) and your
notes and answers to questions that we discussed in class.
(E.g. click here and here and here and here.)
2) The exam will be
    a) a quiz about "The Magician's Nephew",
    b) some deeper questions about "The Magician's nephew" which you  must answer in English.
These questions are like the questions we have  done in class in the last few months.
You will have a choice of 7 questions. You must answer TWO questions.
When you read this message, please tell other Writing Strategies  students to check their emails 
and/or to read this blog.
Ms. Kashiwa has not received the email I sent to everyone, so can someone please tell her about 
this? Thank you.
In addition, some students have not yet given their presentations. They will give them next week.
After their presentations, we will start the exam.

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