Writing Strategies 2, session 1: September 23rd, 2011


  1. (for week 2) Write a summary of chapter 1 of “The Magician’s Nephew”, in English, in 5~7 sentences.
  2. email it to me by Monday 6 pm.
  3. I will correct it and return it to you by email.
  4. When you get your corrected summary back from me, post it on this blog as a comment (use your family name only)
  5. (for week 3) Read Genesis 1~3 (in either English or Japanese) 日本語聖書検索
  6. (for week 3)  What does the Bible teach us about magic? What is God’s attitude towards magic and towards people who use magic? Read each of the following Bible verses to find the answer:
    1. Exodus 7:1-8:19
    2. Deuteronomy 18:9-15
    3. Daniel 2
    4. Acts 8:9-13
    5. Acts 13:1-12
    6. Galatians 5:19-21

We also discussed, “What is Christianity? How is it different from Buddhism and other religions?”

According to the Book of Genesis, God gave the earth and everything in it to man to use:

Genesis 1:26

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

Genesis 1:28

And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

This is sometimes called “dominion theology” or dominionism (see English Wikipedia entry).

Many people blame the dominion theology of Genesis for our environmental problems. [From http://www.religioustolerance.org/tomek30.htm. Accessed 2011.09.23]

What do you think?

Please read the other students’ summaries in the comments below. Which ones are good summaries?

A row of town houses in London. Digory and Polly may have lived in one of these. Can you imagine the tunnel under the roof, connecting all the houses in a row? "Rowhouses" By Damian Gadal on Flickr. Perhaps nagaya in Japan is similar


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  1. This story is about between our own world and the land of Narnia. Important characters in the story are Polly and Digory, his uncle Andrew etc. They live in one of a long row of houses together.
    Polly have attic like tunnel. This attic is long and dark. Polly and Digory start to explore in the attic.
    Polly and Digory think the attic will lead to the next empty room, but they do not go far enough and go into the wrong room. Polly thinks there is something attractive about some bright rings she sees on Uncle Andrew’s desk.

  2. Polly met a boy called Digory, who live in the next house. They explored the rambling attic which connect some houses. Then, they were found by Uncle Andrew. However, he didn’t scold them but gave ring to Polly. Polly touched the ring, and then she disappeared.

  3. In this story, there is a girl called Polly Plummer who lived in London.
    She lived in one of a long row of houses which were all joined together.
    One morning, she met a boy named Digory.
    Digory lives next door with his Uncle Andrew and Aunt Letty.
    Polly and Digory found a empty room, but they were caught by his uncle there when they were looking things placed.
    His uncle gave a ring to her. After touching it, she vanished.

  4. Long long ago, a girl, named Polly, and a boy named Digory met in London.
    They were the neighbours and they became friends.
    One day, they decided to explore the tunnel of that cave.
    They found the door in the tunnel and entered that room.
    In the room, there were lots of books and a number of rings, and it was Andrew’s room, who was Digory’s uncle.
    Then Andrew appeared and locked the door.
    He suggested to Polly to try the yellow ring on, not the green ones, and Polly touched a yellow ring…

  5. This story takes place in 19th century. There was a girl named Polly and a boy named Digory.They lived in London, and they were neighbors. One day, they met at the back garden of Polly’s house, and they became friends.They explored the attic of Polly’s house, and then they discovered the door in the brick wall.In the room, Polly found a number of colored rings.Suddenly, Uncle Andrew who was Digory’s uncle appeared in the room, and he made Polly touch the rings.She disappeared immediately.

  6. In the 19th century, a girl called Polly Plummer meets Digory, who moves out of the country and she makes friend with him
    He tells her that his Uncle Andrew is mad and has a study which Digory isn’t allowed to come into.
    They always explore in her house and decide to try and get into an empty house, which is next to Digory’s house, through a tunnel in Polly’s attic.
    They move on through the tunnel and reach a house ,however, the house is not vacant but Uncle Andrew’s house.
    Polly and Digory are surprised and try to go out, but they can’t.
    They are scared at first, but they change relax.
    Uncle Andrew advises Polly to put on a ring and as soon as she does that, she disappears.

  7. Digory meets Polly when he moves into his Aunt Letty and Uncle Andrew’s home. Polly lives next door and she and Digory become friends. They explore in the house among the secret passageways, rafters and tunnels. However, they are caught by Uncle Andrew. The children are frightened and are trapped in the study with him. Polly tries to leave, but Uncle Andrew entices her to touch the yellow ring. Touching it, she disappears.

  8. There lived in London a girl called Polly Plummer.
    One morning a boy scrambled up from the garden.
    His name is Digory. They decided to explore.
    Digory’ uncle Andrew told about the rings in his room.
    “Polly! Don’t be a fool!” said but it was too late.
    Polly’s hand touched the rings. She disappeared.

  9. There was a girl named Polly and a boy named Digory. One day in summer vacation,they explored in the attic of their house and they reached the attic of Digory’s house. There was Digory’s uncle, Andrew. At first, they frightened of him because his acts were strange. Before they went out of the attic, Andrew gave a ring to Polly. The moment she touched the ring, she vanished.

  10. A long time ago, there lived in London a girl called Polly Plummer. She lived in one of a long row of houses which were all join together. One morning, she met a boy called Digory in the back garden. He lived with his uncle and aunt in the house next to Polly’s, and he had suspected that his uncle had been doing something strange in his study on the top floor of his house. One day, they explored an attic of the long row of houses. The attic was like a tunnel, so they could get into other houses. They tried to go to an empty house beyond Digory’s house through the attic, but, accidentally, they arrived at Digory’s uncle’s study. And then, his uncle showed them a yellow ring and a green ring there. Polly touched the yellow one and suddenly she vanished from there.

  11. One day Polly Plummer met a boy named Digory who also lived nextdoor. They became close friends, and they decided to go the empty house by walking through the tunnel that they entered from the box-room attic of her house. Then, they discovered the room. But the room was not a deserted attic, but a furnished room empty. So it was not the empty room at all, but the uncle’s room that Digory’s aunt forbade entering. Children were afraid of uncle because he didn’t let them go out from the room, but he looked little lonely, and he gave rings to Polly. She was attracted them,Punctuation however when she touched the one of rings, she suddenly vanished.

  12. There was a girl called Polly Plummer in London. One morning, she saw a boy called Digory. They became friends. One day, they tried to go to a empty house beyond Polly’ s one. Eventually, they reached the house, but it was a mistake. It was a room of Mr. Ketterley who was Digory’ s uncle. When Polly put on a yellow ring which Mr. Ketterley recommended, she suddenly disappeared!

  13. Digory came to live in London with Aunt and Uncle. He met Polly who lived next door. They could get into the dark place like a long tunnel with brick wall on one side and sloping roof on the other. The place had been empty for a long time, but they found Uncle Andrew there. He locked the door and didn’t let them out, and made Polly touch the yellow ring. After that, Polly disappeared.

  14. When Polly and Digory explored their house, they found an attic.
    They came to a forbidden study of Uncle Andrew.
    When they saw him they were scared, so they wanted to back to their house.
    However they couldn’t go back home, because Uncle Andrew didn’t let them go back.
    Andrew invited her to take a yellow ring, and she touched it.
    At that very moment, she disappeared.

  15. The main characters of this story are Polly and Digory. Digory lives in his uncle’s house because his mother has been ill. One day, they explore attics in Polly’s house. They tried to go to the house beyond Digory’s house through attics, but they reached his uncle’s room by mistake. Then, Polly was tricked by Digory’s uncle and she touched one of the rings. And immediately, Polly vanished.

  16. This story’s main characters are Digory and Polly.
    Digory lives in his uncle’s house next door to Polly.
    One day, they explored attics in Polly’s house.
    They tried to go to the house beyond Digory’s house.
    But, they mistook the house for his uncle’s room.
    He asked her to put on one of the rings there.
    She did it, and in next instant she disappeared.

  17. Digory and Polly met and they soon became friends. Polly had found smuggler’s cave which means an attic and then they started exploring there. They found a strange room which was Digory’s Uncle Andrew’s room. Mad Uncle Andrew was there. They were suprised and afraid of him. He locked the door and would not let them leave and he showed them some rings. Polly was delighted with them. When she touched one of the rings, she vanished.

  18. One day, Digory meets a girl, Polly, when he moves to his Uncle Andrew and Aunt Letty’s home. His mother is suffering from a serious illness, and his father is working in India. Polly lives next door and soon they become friends. They are really curious about many things, and they start to explore in the house among the secret rafters and tunnels. Unfortunately, by mistake, they encounter Uncle Andrew and are caught by him. Polly tries to leave, but he doesn’t let her, and he tricks her into touching a golden ring. As soon as she touches it, she disappears.

  19. Polly was a girl who lived in London, and Digory was a boy who lived in his mad uncle’s house in London because his mother was a sick and his father was in India. One day Polly and Digory met each other in a garden.The two children got along well together. One day they were exploring in an attic of her house, and found some very beautiful rings there. And then his uncle Andrew found them, and they tried to go back, but he didn’t let them do that. And at Andrew’s urging, Polly touched the ring and she disappeared immediately!

  20. In this chapter, there are three key figures: Polly, Digory and Uncle Andrew. Polly and Digory get to know each other and explore in Polly’s house. During their exploration, they find an empty room. It is Uncle Andrew’s room and he frightens the children by locking the door and not letting them out. Then he invites Polly to take one of the rings and she disappears.

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