Writing Strategies 1, week 12: July 6th, 2012

Tilda Swinton as Jadis, the White Witch. Her c...
Tilda Swinton as Jadis, the White Witch. Her collar is made from Aslan’s mane, taken during his sacrifice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Peter kills the wolf
Peter kills the wolf. From Pacific Okinawa Players’ production of LWW http://www.pops-okinawa.org/Past_LWW.htm

Today, we studied the last chapters of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe“, chapters 15-17.

We answered multiple choice questions, short answer questions and short essay questions.


  • Finish answering the short answer questions and the short essay questions
  • Prepare your presentation about another book by C.S. Lewis.
  • Presentations should be in English and about 3 minutes’ long per speaker.
  • Make sure you list the book(s) you read, in English, using the MLA style (see the handout here MLA.pdf )


There will be a short test on the textbook in the last class, July 27th. You can bring your textbook and your notes and use your dictionary.

Here are the answers to the short answer questions for chapters 13-17.

Chapter 13, Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time

  1. A dwarf, Edmund and a wolf.
  2. The Stone Table
  3. To kill Edmund.
  4. There are four thrones at Cair Paravel, not three. She does not need his help anymore. The other children are already at the stone table.
  5. With a knife.
  6. The centaurs.
  7. The Stone Table.
  8. A rock.
  9. A tree stump.
  10. Edmund talking to Aslan.
  11. Leave the past in the past.
  12. The White Witch.

Chapter 14, The Triumph of the Witch

  1. They must move on.
  2. Battling the Witch alone
  3. Aslan moving through the trees.
  4. The White Witch.
  5. He is bound and muzzled.
  6. He is stabbed.

Chapter 15, Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time

Cair Paravel
Cair Paravel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  1. They were well hidden.
  2. Remove his muzzle.
  3. Chew away the cords around his body.
  4. A loud crack.
  5. Dawn.
  6. Deeper Magic than the Deep Magic.


Chapter 16, What Happened About the Statues

  1. The Witch’s house.
  2. Breathes on the statues
  3. A giant makes a hole in the wall.
  4. Beruna.
  5. The sword that killed Aslan.
  6. Aslan.

Chapter 17, The Hunting of the White Stag

  1. They flee.
  2. Breaks the Witch’s wand.
  3. Give her healing potion to the wounded soldiers.
  4. Aslan leaves unnoticed.
  5. A white stag.
  6. An hour.

Here are the suggested answers to the short essay questions for chapters 13-17.

Chapter 13, Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time

49. The White Witch has decided that she no longer needs Edmund since the others are probably already at the Stone Table. The White Witch decides to kill him since only three on the thrones at Cair Paravel will not fulfill the prophecy.

50. They put Edmund up against the trunk of a tree and the White Witch pulls out a knife, which she begins to sharpen. Suddenly loud shouts fill the small valley. Edmund is rescued and taken back to the Stone Table.

51. When Peter, Susan, and Lucy wake up and find that Edmund has been rescued by the eagles and the centaurs, Aslan interrupts their welcome to tell them that they should all leave the past in the past.

52. The White Witch tells Aslan that according to the Deep Magic, from the dawn of time it is her right to kill Edmund for his betrayal. Aslan requests to talk to the Witch alone. When he returns, he tells everyone that Edmund will be spared.

Short Essay Question – Chapter 14, The Triumph of the Witch

53. After his private and secret discussion with the White Witch, Aslan explains to Peter his plan to battle the Witch, telling Peter that he may not be at the battle.

54. Once they have him roped and tied, lying helpless on the ground, they are less fearful. The White Witch orders Aslan’s mane shaved, from which the creatures derive great pleasure. After all of this, the White Witch pulls out a knife and kills the great lion.

Short Essay Question – Chapter 15, Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time

55. When they reach Aslan’s dead body lying on the Stone Table, Susan and Lucy remove the muzzle from Aslan’s face. Then the girls cry over Aslan’s body for what seems like hours, grieving in a way that they have never done before.

56. Aslan explains that there is a Deep Magic older than the Deep Magic the White Witch knew of. This magic says that if an innocent victim comes to the Stone Table willingly, the Table will crack and death will work backwards. Aslan is alive and feeling better than ever before.

 Short Essay Question – Chapter 16, What Happened About the Statues

57. In the courtyard of the White Witch’s house, Aslan walks to each of the stone statues and breathes on them. Slowly, each of the statues comes back to life, and they gather to join the battle against the White Witch.

58. When all of the statues are awake, Aslan asks a giant, Rumblebuffin, to make a hole in the wall so they can all get out and join the battle against the White Witch.

 Short Essay Question – Chapter 17, The Hunting of the White Stag

59.  When Lucy gets to the battlefield after the battle, she sees that Edmund is wounded. She gives him a drop of her potion and wants to wait with him to make sure it works. Aslan tells her that she cannot wait as there are many other wounded animals who need the potion.

60. When the children tell the story to their uncle, the Professor is quite impressed with their tale. The Professor warns them, however, that they will not be able to return through the wardrobe. A route cannot be used twice.

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