Writing Strategies 1, session 8: June 17th, 2011

Today we translated parts of chapters 6, 7 and 8 (up to page 86).

We also checked the answers to the logic questions in the Study Guide, p. 23.


  1. Read LWW chapters 9 and 10.
  2. Answer the Study Guide questions for chapters 7 and 8 (pages 24-26), up to question 8. Questions 9, 10 and the Writing Project are all options: you can do them if you want an A or B grade.
  3. Make sure your Study Guide is up to date. Show me your Study Guide next week.
A beaver dam
A beaver dam - this one is in Wales (photo from Beaver Information Exchange in Wales - click the photo to visit the original site)
A pair of beavers in Lake Caddo, Texas. Photo by Adam Welz. Click the photo to visit his excellent travel blog
Beavers have sharp teeth. They need them!
Beavers have sharp teeth. They need them! Photo by Milos Andera. Click to visit site.

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