Writing Strategies 1, session 2: May 6th, 2011


Pan and Psyche by Edward Burne-Jones, 1874
Pan and Psyche by Edward Burne-Jones via hotgothiclayouts

In today’s session:

  1. Please do the homework, even if you are late: my job is
    1. to teach you, and
    2. to assess you – do you keep your promises? Do you keep deadlines?
  2. Report format (see below) for May 18th homework.
  3. Study Guides
  4. Translate first paragraph (pages 1-2)
  5. Study Guide, chapters 1-2, vocabulary questions 1-9 (pp. 9-12). Answer the questions for homework.
  6. check our answers to the homework questions
    1. what is myth?
    2. Find out what the following mythic creatures are – find the Japanese name or translation, and find an image for each one (click the links to see some images for each word): faun, nymph, dryad, naiad, jinn, satyr, centaur, minotaur
  7. quiz on these words: write the English that you hear AND the Japanese meaning.


  1. Finish reading chapters 1 and 2 and answer the Study Guide questions for chapters 1 and 2.
  2. For May 18th, write a brief account of a Japanese myth (200 words).
    1. Write it in Microsoft Word or a similar word-processing software.
    2. use the format below
    3. double-spaced
    4. Use spell-check.
    5. Use word-count.
    6. Save the file as “Writing Strategies Japanese Myth Your Name”.
    7. Send it as an attachment to me by email by Wednesday midnight, May 18th.
    8. The email subject 件名 must be “Writing Strategies Japanese Myth Your Name”.

College paper format

college paper format

(Thanks to Mr. Lopate’s blog “Writing Tips & Hints” for the image of the college paper format)