Writing Strategies 1, session 11: July 1st, 2011

  1. Checked the vocabulary questions for chapters 9-10 on pages 28-29.
  2. Answered and checked the questions 1-5 on pages 29-30
  3. Read aloud and translated excerpts from pages 109, 110, 111, 116, 117 and 118.


  1. Study Guide pages 30-31 (“Dig Deeper” – 8, 9, 10)
  2. Study Guide for chapters 11-12:
    1. Vocabulary (just write the Japanese translation)
    2. Answer questions 1-6 (pages 33-34).
  3. Final report topics. Students must give a final presentation on July 29th and also hand in a written paper on that day (or earlier). Choose ONE from the list of topics below (if you want to do something that is not on the list, please email me or talk to me in class). You can use Powerpoint, or make a poster or make handouts. The presentation should be about 5 – 7 minutes. The written paper should be about 2 pages of A4 (double-spaced, with a reference list 参照文献).
  4. The list below gets gradually more difficult. If you are happy with just a C grade, do one of the earlier items on the list. If you want a B you should do one of the later items, and if you want an A, you should do it all in English. 以下のリストは難しさの順番に並んでいます。<可」という成績を目指している学生は前半の項目の中から選んでもらう。「良」を目指している学生は後半の項目の中から選んでもらう。そして「優」を目指している学生は後半の項目から選んで、全て英語で(口頭発表も論文も)。
    1. Write a summary of the book.
    2. New. Write a review of the book in Japanese and post it on Amazon Japan.
    3. Draw a map of Narnia, marking where the key events take place.
    4. Mini Study Guides.
      1. List the mythological creatures and birds and animals mentioned in the book. Add your own illustrations, Japanese names and simple explanations.
      2. List all the characters in the book and give a simple analysis of each one.
      3. List the flowers and trees mentioned in the book. Add your own illustrations, Japanese names and simple explanations.
    5. Biographical reports:
      1. About Lewis’ Christian activities and work
      2. About Lewis’ university work and life
      3. About Lewis’ marriage
    6. Book reports:
      1. Another of the Narnia stories
      2. Another story by C.S. Lewis
      3. A non-fiction book by C.S. Lewis

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