Welcome to Sheffner’s Writing Strategies I

Welcome to Sheffner’s Writing Strategies I (WS1) class.

The textbook is “Splitting the Arrow” by Prem Rawat. We will start using this from next week.

I have uploaded today’s (Friday April 12th) presentation to the resources folder. You can also download it here: WS1 2019- course intro

Homework: send me an email.

  • Introduce yourself briefly,
  • tell me what class of mine you are in and why you are taking this class
  • make a short comment about today’s class (April 12th).
  • Use a current email address that you check regularly. I will use this to contact you from time to time during the semester.

Check out the email format image if you’re not sure of the format.

I’m looking forward to this semester. See you next Friday, April 19th.

Today’s class

  • What is academic writing?
  • What is the origin of the word “academic”?
  • Who started it?
  • What are the characteristics of academic writing?
  • Key points of today’s class:
    • What? When? Where? Who? How?Why?
    • Defininitions / define your terms
    • Why study? Watch this video

Liberal Arts were originally education for free people as opposed to slaves. The first three liberal arts were 

  • grammar (correct language)
  • logic (correct thinking)
  • rhetoric (how to persuade others)

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