Welcome to Sheffner’s 2014 Writing Strategies I, week 1: April 11th, 2014

Welcome to Sheffner’s 2014 Writing Strategies I class blog. Thank you for visiting.

This blog will be updated weekly. Each week there will be a summary of the lesson and the homework details.

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Weeping cherry in Himuro Jinja, Nara city.


  1. Send me an email: what did we do in today’s class and your comment.
    1. Use the proper email format

      English Email format
      English email format
  2. Leave a comment here on this blog by clicking the words “Leave a comment” at the bottom of this post (投稿).
    1. The comment topic is: “Tell us about your favourite English story, or your favourite Japanese children’s story.”
    2. For your privacy, when leaving a comment, use your family name only or use a nickname.
    3. If you use a nickname, please tell me your nickname when you send me your email.
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  3. Homework deadline for #1 and #2 above: Tuesday (April 15th) midnight (23:59).
  4. Watch the movie of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (LWW), or read the book (in English or in Japanese). There is no deadline for this homework, but you will enjoy “The Magician’s Nephew” more and understand it better if you know the story of LWW.
  5. Group 1 – prepare to explain about the first 8 pages (first half) of chapter 1 to the class next week.
  6. Group 2 – prepare to explain about the second half of chapter 1 to the class next week.

In today’s class, we

  1. Received Sheffner’s contact information and blog address, and the outline of this course.
  2. Did some freewriting and started reading chapter 1


  1. This semester we will be reading & discussing C.S. Lewis’ Narnia story, “The Magician’s Nephew”. You can buy it on Amazon Japan. Click here. You can buy a good 2nd-hand copy from as little as ¥120! Click here. I use a Kindle version which I can read on my iPhone or iPad. Click here for the Kindle version.There is a Japanese translation, which costs just ¥1 on Amazon Japan!

I look forward to teaching you and learning with you this semester. In this class this semester, we will

  • read a C.S. Lewis’ story
  • learn something about C.S. Lewis himself
  • learn about academic writing formats
  • make 1 or 2 presentations
  • write a final paper in English.

Why read “The Magician’s Nephew” (TMN)?

  1. It is a very famous children’s story in the English-speaking world.
  2. You can learn about British culture and history (a little) by reading it
  3. You can learn about Christianity
  4. Christianity is an important part of Western culture
  5. It is a children’s story, so it is relatively easy to read
  6. It is not a textbook, but an original story written for native-speaking English children.
C.S. LewisC.S. Lewis




20 thoughts on “Welcome to Sheffner’s 2014 Writing Strategies I, week 1: April 11th, 2014”

  1. Hellow,Mr.sheffner.

    My favorite Japanese children’s story is “Beauty and Beast”. this story is one of “Disney”. I have seen the movie many times. The main character,Belle,is very beautiful. So, I like this story!

  2. My favorite story is “Harry Potter” Series, because they taught me friendship, family ties, love and justice.

  3. Hello, Mr.Sheffner.

    My favorite Japanese children’s story is “Tonari no Totoro”.
    I recommend this story.
    Because it is described the family love,and loved by a lot of families.
    When I watched its movie, I learned the importance of a family.

  4. Hello.
    My favorite children story is “Little Red Ridig Hood”.
    I have read it in only Japanese,
    I’d like to read it in English, too.

  5. Hello.

    My favorite Japanese children’s story is “The Littele House.” This story is cute. A lot of familys have ived at the little house, and he (the little house) tell the familly’s cute and interesting living.

  6. Hello, Mr. sheffner.

    My favorite English story is “The Little Mermaid.” I watched this movie as a child and loved it immediately. Ariel is very cute and scene is very beautuful!

  7. Hello.

    My favorite Japanese children’s story is “Moon Princes”. Because the story is very interesting and the princes is very beautiful. When I was a child, I read it many times.

  8. Hello, Mr. Sheffner.

    My favorite English story is “The Wizard of Oz.” I like it because the characters are unique and cute. This story encouraged me.

  9. Hello, Mr. Sheffner.

    My favorite English story is “Frozen”.
    Main characters of this story are very cute.
    The story makes me happy, nervous and impressive.
    I think it is loved by all people.

  10. Hi,Mr.Sheffner.
    My favorite Japanese children’s story is “MOMOTAROU”.
    This is one of the most popular stories in Japan.
    Almost all of japanese people can tell this story.

  11. Hello.

    My favorite English story is “American Pie” This story is written about Japan and the United States from the point of view of a American person. The story is heart-warming. I could learn a lot of things from this. I think this book is not used difficult English words comparatively.

  12. Hello.

    My favorite English story is “Tangled”. This story’s heroine is very cute so I like this.

  13. Hello.

    My favourite English children’s story is Cinderella because Its story is very interesting. When I was child, I watched it many times.

  14. Hello.

    My favorite story is “Peter Rabbit”, because I read this story a lot when I was a child.

  15. Hello. Mr. sheffner
    My favorite story is ” Anne of green gables”. I read the story when i was child. and it has become my favorite story.
    i like Anne! she is very vivacity girl!!!!! and has a great deal of curiosity !!

  16. Goodafternoon.

    My favorite Japanese children’s story is “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. This story is a movie of stadio “Ziburi” which was produced by Miyazaki Hayao. Now it is a live-action film. I love it because a main character called Kiki grows up as a human overcoming difficulties.

  17. Hello.

    My favorite English story is “The Last Slice of Rainbow” wrote by Joan Aiken. I’ve liked it since I was child because it’s full of dreams.

  18. Hello.

    I will tell you my favourite Japanese children’s story.
    ・The Story of the Old Man Who Made Withered Trees to Blossom
    I like this story because a dog repays an obligation for its owner.

  19. My favorite story is “Winnie the Pooh.” This story is easy. I like Pooh! Because he is very cute.

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