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Day 212: The Modern American Family Gathering
Image by quinn.anya via Flickr

Dear Writing Strategies students,

Thank you for your emails and comments. I checked them 07:15, Thursday April 22nd. You can still send me an email and leave a comment (please do, if you have not done so already). It will be counted next week.

Your comment does not appear immediately: I must approve it first. I do that when I next go online (about once a day). So if your comment does not immediately appear, please do not write another one. It will appear the next day.

To protect your privacy, do not write your full name on this blog. (I edited some comments to leave just the family name.)

Today, it is raining. I hope you enjoyed the weather last week. I look forward to seeing you all in class tomorrow, April 23rd.

(By the way, this picture has nothing to do with Writing Strategies, but I just liked it! The title is “The Modern American Family Gathering”.)

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