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Research in English #10: June 26th, 2009

  1. Poster presentations
  2. Comments on presentations from the instructor: what are the main themes or concepts of Australia? Some examples are –
    1. very long history of aborigines (“dreamtime“)
    2. colonialism – discovered by Capt Cook in 1778
    3. “melting pot” policy until World War II(~1939)
    4. multicultural policy after World War II (1945 ~
    5. gold rush
    6. huge land area; much natural beauty
  3. Returned: Unit III Part I worksheet
  4. Collected: (remaining Unit III Part I)
  5. Homework:

    1. Unit III Part II worksheet
    2. Why do so many people from so many different countries emigrate to Australia? Choose 2 ethnic groups from the charts in the textbook and write about them.
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