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WS1: WEEK 10, JUNE 21ST, 2019


  • Read my comments to your book report draft 1 (I will send you two files soon on Manaba)
  • rewrite your draft 1
  • save it as “WS1 Book report1 draft2 YourName” and upload it to Manaba by next Friday.

Today’s class

  1. Group discussions about book reports
  2. Questions:
    1. How did you feel while doing your book reports (finding the book, reading it, writing the report, uploading, etc, everything)?
    2. What was most difficult or what did you not like about doing the book report?
    3. What did you enjoy about this assignment? In addition, give yourself an enjoyment score out of 10 points.
    4. How can you use the textbook and book report assignments to improve your English?
      1. What can you do?
      2. What could I (Mr. Sheffner) do to help you improve ?
    5. How could you enjoy this class more?
      1. What can you do?
      2. What could I (Mr. Sheffner) do to help you enjoy more?
  3. One-to-one discussion about your writing.

AS1: Week 10, June 21st, 2019


Read my comments to your movie report draft 2. They may help you when you make your presentation.

Today’s class

Questions (if you were absent today, you can email me your answers if you wish):

  1. What did you feel was interesting about doing the movie report (finding the movie, watching it, researching, writing, uploading, everything)?
  2. What did you not like about doing your movie report?
  3. What do you want to improve in this class?
  4. How can you improve #3 and enjoy this class more? Tell me what you can do, and something I (Mr. Sheffner) can do to help you improve and enjoy more.

Instructor (model) presentation on the movie “Bend it Like Beckham”, demonstrating how to use a popular movie for learning about British history: making a presentation starts with identifying questions you have. Some of my questions were:

  1. Who is Beckham in the title? What does the title mean?
  2. Why is an Indian family living in Britain? Where did they come from? How many other “British Indians” are there living in Britain? When did they start coming? Why?
  3. Why does the story take place in Hounslow? Where is Hounslow? Is it a new town or does it have a long history?
  4. What questions do you have about this movie?
  5. What questions do you have about the British history movie you watched?

WS2: Week 10, December 7th, 2018


Write a bibliography list using the APA style (see links below and also on the resource page) for the following books we read in this class this semester:

  • Emily by Michael Bedard
  • The Important Book by  Margaret Wise Brown
  • The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by  Frank L. Baum
  • Gotta Go! Gotta Go!  by Sam Swope
  • Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard and James Marshall

Today’s Class

For language-learning, you need:

  • Input (listening to or reading English that you understand 90% of)
  • Output (speaking or writing, using the English you have learned)
  • Feedback (do you get your meaning across?)

Answer these questions: In order to learn or to improve your English academic writing, what specific

  1. input
  2. output
  3. feedback

do you need?

We read some summaries of “Emily” on Amazon.com and on Goodreads.com

AS1: week 10, June 22nd 2018


  1. (Finish the timeline for chapter 2 if you did not finish in class).
  2. Read chapter 3.
    1. Pick a topic that interests you for your next presentation.

Today’s class

  1. Student presentation
  2. General comments on presentations
    1. The language for presentations should be
      1.  simple (simple vocabulary, simple grammar, short sentences).
        1. Important difficult vocabulary which your audience may not know should be put on the screen so that your audience can hear and read.
        2. Important difficult vocabulary can be “glossed” (given a Japanese explanation or translation).
    2. Why do you think so many Japanese TV programs have Japanese subtitles?  –>
    3. Here is a collection of images found by searching on Google for “presentations” (images)
      1. What do you notice about many of the pictures?
      2. That is a hint: copy them.
image from https://www.strathmore.edu/news/adding-life-to-presentations-using-zui/

WS1, week 10, June 23rd, 2017


  • chapter 8 MCQs: download it here MN_MCQ_ch8
  • chapter 7 summary
  • Read a fairy story, and write a paragraph about what makes a fairy story
    • what are the characteristics of a fairy story ?
    • what makes it different from other stories?

Today’s class

  1. Checked answers to chapters 6 and 7 MCQs.
  2. Summary of chapter 7

image source: https://40.media.tumblr.com/93d422a29f36cccd0ad51db845a4a629/tumblr_o1igmiF6lr1u7xrg5o1_500.jpg(

AS1: week 10, June 23rd, 2017


  • Write a written version of your presentation
    • use only 1 or 2 graphics from your original presentation
    • email it to me as an attached document (.doc or .docx or .rtf or .odt) by noon Thursday June 29th.
    • Email subject: AS1 Report Your Name
      • File name: AS1_Report1_Your Name
    • Your report should have 3 paragraphs:
      1. details of the book or movie (date of publicaton or release, title, author or director, etc)
      2. a short summary of the story and what kind of movie or story it is (thriller, romance, drama, etc).
      3. what you learned about Britain from this movie or book. You may have to do a little research for background information.

Today’s class

  1. Review of chapter 3.
  2. Chapter 4 – in groups of 3 students, each group study and report on a section of the chapter.
  3. Which of these people (in chapter 4) has influenced you living in modern Japan? How (in what way have they influenced your life)?