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Writing Strategies session #8: Friday, June 11th, 2010

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  1. Discuss your answers to chapter 8 and 9 discussion questions with your partner.
  2. Teacher’s comments on last week’s discussion questions.
  3. Checked the answers to chapters 8 and 9 quiz questions.
  4. Mini-lecture: the change in children’s reading. For about 2,500 years, until the late 17th century in England, there were no children’s books. Children who learned to read began reading the famous classic works of literature. These are what C.S. Lewis read as a boy. He read Latin and Greek and so read Homer and Virgil in the original languages:

Homework: Finish reading your book by C.S. Lewis and prepare a short oral report (about 2 minutes) for next class. If possible, bring the actual book to class. Give the main points of the book, and tell us if you liked it or not and why.

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