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Writing Strategies 1, session 5: May 27th, 2011

Myths of Greece and Rome. From Velvet Moon's blog ブルフィンチ『ギリシア・ローマ神話』 Click image to visit
  1. Homework check: are there any publications in Japanese like the Spark Notes?
  2. Homework check: Choose the best customer review – in pairs, then in groups of 4/5
  3. Check answers to the Study Guide questions for chapters 3 and 4


By next Friday, June 3rd: read a Greek, or Roman myth and summarise it

  1. in English (200-300 words).
  2. Add the references (quote your sources): where, in which books/websites did you find the myth? Write the name of the source in the correct MLA format at the bottom of your paper, like this: 「姓, 名. タイトル [またはタイトル」. 出版した地名: 出版会社, 出版した年.」という風に書く。E.g. Suzuki, Kazuaki. Kenkou no Zatsugaku. Tokyo: Kodansha, 2008.
    1. Do not translate the Japanese title into English.
    2. Do not write the Japanese title in kanji, but in Roman letters.
  3. And write a short paragraph about the similarities to the Japanese myth you wrote about. What are the common characteristics?
  4. Email me your best Amazon review and why you chose it, by Monday 23:59.
  5. I will post all the students’ chosen reviews on this blog.
    1. Please visit this blog again between Wednesday and Friday.
    2. Read your classmates’ chosen reviews and choose the best one.
    3. Write down the number, and bring it to class next Friday.
  6. Please think about the following questions. We will discuss them in class, Friday, June 3rd. You don’t have to write about these for your homework: 以下の質問は次回の授業に議論します。議論できる予習をしてください。
    1. What is a myth? Is a myth the same as a folk-tale (昔話)? Are they different? How are they different?
    2. Is a myth different from a fairy-story, or is it the same? How are they different? How are they the same?
    3. What is the difference between a myth and an epic poem such as Heike Monogatari?
    4. What is the difference between a myth and a novel such as the Tale of Genji?
    5. What is the difference between a myth and a legend, such as The One Inch Boy?
Turkish Delight
Turkish Delight