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Australian movie reports

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MAY 08:  Actor and singer ...
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Here are the reports on Australian movies that students have emailed me. In future, perhaps students can make their own blogs and put their reports on their own blogs. Would you like that? All the movie reports make this blog entry very long, so I have cut it short. To read all the movie reports, click here.

  1. Japanese Story
    Australian film 2003       director; Sue Brooks
    actor; Gotaro Tsunashima    actress; Toni Collette
    Sandy, played by Toni Collette is a director in Western Australia.  One day she has to guide a Japanese businessman Hiromitsu, played by Gotaro. At first, because of the culture differences, they can not understand each other. Sandy is angry about his behavior. Then they drive into desert and their car breaks down. They are lost in desert , but this difficulty makes their friendship deep. Gradually they understand and love each other. A few days later, Sandy and Hiromitsu go swimming and Hiromitsu dives into shallow water and…
Cover of
Cover of The Piano
New Zealand actress Anna Paquin.
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