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Interactive Writing #12: July 10th, 2009

  1. Returned old papers
  2. Individual conference with each student to discuss her summary of chapter 3
  3. Homework: Report on chapters 4 & 5
  4. Next week (July 17th):
    1. vocabulary test (same as the one in April)
    2. summary of chapters 6 & 7
  5. Exam (July 24th): write a 300-500-word book report on “Diddakoi“.  You must show me that
    1. you have read the book (i.e. you know the story, and can give examples from it (including actual words and sentences from the book)
    2. you know something about gypsies and about Rumer Godden – i.e. you have done some background reading
    3. you have read some reviews of the book (e.g. here or here or in Japanese here)
    4. you have thought about what you have read: you have some questions or some comments about the themes in the book (themes are the fundamental and often universal ideas explored in a literary work) (e.g. a comparison with a story with similar themes)
    5. you have your own opinion about the book – show me you are a human being not a parrot.
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