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The Cove… on Japanese tv

As I blogged previously (here and here), “The Cove” is a documentary movie made in English by an American filmmaker. One of the advisors to the movie was Ric O’Barry, a former dolphin trainer. Australia created a very popular TV drama series about a dolphin. The series was called “Flipper” and was popular not only in Australia but also in the US and in Britain (I remember watching it when I was a boy). The popularity of this show helps to explain, perhaps, the Australian outcry against the town of Taiji in Wakayama Prefecture, for its annual dolphin “hunt”, which is shown in the documentary.

Japan Probe, the blog which first alerted me to this movie, follows up with another blog entry: how does the Japanese media react to this? The dolphin hunt in Taiji began yesterday, and Ric O’Barry was there and he brought some foreign journalists to Taiji.

I was surprised to read that the dolphin meat is sold, and some of it is used in school lunches in Taiji. The filmmaker was concerned about this, as he believes that dolphin meat is high in mercury, a poisonous metal. This was in fact confirmed by two Taiji council members who had the meat tested, as I wrote in my previous blog entry The power of film.

The Japan Probe blog writer thinks that the Japanese tv report was “sympathetic to Taiji‚Äôs fishermen”. What do you think? And what do you think about the documentary “The Cove”, and about foreign protests against it?

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