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Interactive Writing #14: July 24th, 2009


  1. (70%) Write a book report about “Diddakoi”. Your report should be divided into four separate paragraphs.
  2. (30%) Write about either
    1. gypsies, or
    2. Rumer Godden

I want to see proof that you

  • have read the book
    • quote from the book
    • mention names, places, events in the story
  • have done some reading and research about the book and the topic
    • give the reference for the book(s), article(s), website(s), movie(s), using the MLA style
  • have thought about what you have read
    • show that you are aware of different opinions, different arguments, “for and against”.
  • have your own opinion
    • show logical thinking and independent thinking
    • show that you are not just repeating ideas or opinions that you have received from others
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Interactive Writing session #6: May 29th, 2009

Location map: United Kingdom (dark green) / Eu...
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  1. Look at the MLA Guidebook on how to reference a book (page 1) and a movie (page 3).
  2. Go back to your blog entry where you wrote about a movie and a book
    1. Add a reference to the book and the movie USING THE MLA FORMAT (i.e. exactly the same as in the Guidebook).
    2. Print out your blog entry and show it to me.
  3. If you have not yet created your blog, create one and email me your blog address (URL): marc.sheffnerアットマークgmail.com. INCLUDE YOUR NAME in your email.
    1. You can create a blog at Goo, Livedoor, or Blogger
    2. Do not use ameba because Ameba does not allow comments in Roman alphabet.
  4. Write a 50-word summary of Diddakoi AND a 50-word response. If you did not finish in class, email it to me before next Thursday, June 4th: marc.sheffnerアットマークgmail.com. INCLUDE YOUR NAME in your email.
  5. Homework:
    1. Find a map of the UK and print it out or photocopy it.
    2. On the map mark the following:
      1. Where and when was Diddakoi author Rumer Godden born? Where and when did she die?
      2. The Downs
      3. Rye
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