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Writing Strategies 1, session 9: June 24th, 2011

Students worked on the Study Guide, finishing the questions for chapter 7 and 8  (pages 24-26), up to question 8, and starting to read chapters 9 and 10.

Mr. Sheffner interviewed most of the students one by one, checking their Study Guides.


Read chapters 9 and 10, and answer the Study Guide vocabulary questions and questions 1-5 on pages 28-30.

Aslan (from http://aslanism.tumblr.com/)

Writing Strategies II, Session #10: December 10th, 2010

mountain momiji
Mountain Japanese maple (momiji), by Sheffner

Today, we began working on the Study Guide questions for chapters 10-12. Students worked in pairs or small groups.

In addition, I talked to some of you individually about your work.
  1. Continue reading your children’s story. Presentations and papers are due Friday December 24th. That will the last chance. I will not accept late papers.
  2. Finish the Study Guide questions for the section Chapters 10-12.