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Writing Strategies II, week 6: November 2nd, 2012

Topic wrapper
“Topic” is a chocolate bar in Europe. Yum!


  1. Write a comment in this blog by Tuesday midnight:
    1. what do you hope to learn or get from
      1. Other people’s presentations?
      2. Your own presentation?
  2. Read  Genesis 1:1-2
  3. read ch 9 of “Magician’s Nephew” and freewrite
    1. your questions
    2. Pick 3 images & write about them:
      1. What do they mean to you?
      2. What do they remind you of?
      3. Why do you like/dislike them?
      4. Other

 In today’s class:

  1. Each student or group of students made a short report about their research topic:
    1. name and topic title
    2. what you know (about the topic)
    3. what you want to know
    4. what you have found out so far
    5. where you looked


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