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Research in English II, session 1: September 23rd, 2011

This semester, students will write more in English than in the first semester.



  1. Read the first 7 paragraphs of chapter 4 (pages 46-49).
  2. Summarize each paragraph in English in 1~3 sentences. (Hint: usually the first 1 or 2 sentences in each paragraph summarize the paragraph.) Use your own words. Write in as simple English as possible.
  3. Email me your summary before next class.
  4. Print out your summary and bring it to the next class.
  5. Look up any names, places, people, etc., that are mentioned in the first 7 paragraphs that you don’t know (e.g. Schleswig-Holstein (and also on Wikipedia), Frisian, Beowulf, etc).  Bring the information (maps, pictures, printout, etc) to class and be prepared to explain them to the class.

Example summary of paragraph 1:


“In the country inns of a small corner of northern Germany, in the spur of land connecting Schleswig-Holstein to Denmark, you can sometimes hear people talking in what sounds eerily like a lost dialect of English.”


  1. “In the country(side) of north Germany, you can hear people talking in what sounds like a dialect of English.”
  2. “In the country(side) of north Germany, there are some people who speak a dialect that sounds like English.”
  3. “In the country(side) of north Germany, there are people who speak a language that is very similar to/like English.”