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Writing Strategies Final Exam – Jan. 20th, 2012

Dear Writing Strategies students,

Details of next week's exam:

1) You can bring anything 持ち込み全て可. Please bring your textbook (Magician's Nephew) and your
notes and answers to questions that we discussed in class.
(E.g. click here and here and here and here.)
2) The exam will be
    a) a quiz about "The Magician's Nephew",
    b) some deeper questions about "The Magician's nephew" which you  must answer in English.
These questions are like the questions we have  done in class in the last few months.
You will have a choice of 7 questions. You must answer TWO questions.

When you read this message, please tell other Writing Strategies  students to check their emails 
and/or to read this blog.
Ms. Kashiwa has not received the email I sent to everyone, so can someone please tell her about 
this? Thank you.

In addition, some students have not yet given their presentations. They will give them next week.
After their presentations, we will start the exam.

Writing Strategies session #13: Friday, July 16th, 2010

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...
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  1. Checked answers to quiz questions for chapters 15, 16 and 17.
  2. The homework 2 weeks ago was to compare the deaths of Aslan and of Jesus. Out of 23 students, only 1 student answered this question correctly. Why?
  3. Personal interviews with students about their outstanding assignments.
  4. Homework questions:
    1. Why is “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” still popular today?
    2. Why is this book studied at university?

Next week is the final exam.

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Writing Strategies session #12: Friday, July 9th, 2010

A lion being used to represent Aslan
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  1. Final exam. In the final exam, on the last day, July 23rd, you will
    1. write a summary of the whole book, so
      1. prepare by gathering together all your chapter summaries
      2. N.B.: in the exam, you will not have time to simply copy out all your chapter summaries – you must write a summary of the summaries.
    2. answer some quiz questions about the story, so
      1. gather together your answers to all the quiz.
    3. write something you learned in this class about children’s literature, fairy-tales, C.S. Lewis, etc., so
      1. gather together what you wrote about these topics and your notes to my mini-lectures.
  2. Quiz questions for chapter 16:
    1. What did Aslan do to the statues in the Witch’s  palace?
    2. How did Aslan get into the Witch’s palace?
    3. Which old friend did Lucy find?
    4. What did Aslan ask the Giant to do?
    5. Who was fighting with the Witch?
    6. What was he using?
    7. What was she using?
    8. Who killed the Witch?
    9. How?
  3. Quiz questions for chapter 17:
    1. Who broke the Witch’s wand?
    2. What does Aslan say to Lucy when they find Edmund?
    3. Why?
    4. Does Edmund know what Aslan did for him?
    5. What did Aslan do for him?
    6. Where did they all go the day after the battle?
    7. What did they do at the beach?
    8. What did they do the next day?
    9. Who brought the news that the White Stag had “once more appeared”?
    10. What magic power does the Stag have?
    11. Do the children catch the Stag?
    12. What do they find in the forest that reminds them of home?
    13. Why did the children go to the Professor?
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