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Writing Strategies session #3: Friday, May 7th, 2010

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  1. Writing: answer questions about chapter 1.
  2. Answer questions about chapter 2.
  3. Answer questions about chapter 3.


  1. Read the dedication, and answer these questions:
    1. How old is “too old for fairy tales”?
    2. How old is “old enough to start reading fairy tales again”?
    3. Who was Lucy Barfield?
  2. What is a fairy-tale? How is it different from other genres, e.g. fantasy, myth, legend? Write three paragraphs. Write your paper using the “Student Paper” format I showed you last time (see last time’s handout). It can be typed or hand-written, and should be double-spaced.
    1. give examples of well-known fairy-tales, including fairy-tales you read (or had read to you) as a child,
    2. give examples of typical fairy-tale characters and themes,
    3. and compare fairy-tales with other genres, such as traditional stories. For example, are Japanese traditional stories 昔話 fairy-tales? Why, or why not?
  3. Visit the C.S. Lewis Resource page, click on the different links, listen to C.S. Lewis’ voice, leave a comment.
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