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Research in English Session #7: June 5th, 2009

Locator map for Australia
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  1. Movie reports: 6 students reported on Australian movies they have watched.
    1. Anyone who has not yet given a report can do it next week, but that will be the last chance.
  2. Show & Tell: 19 (out of 24) students gave a “Show & Tell” presentation on some aspect of Australia.
    1. Anyone who did not yet give a Show & Tell report can do it next week, but that will be the last chance.
  3. Comments on Movie Reports and Show & Tell: everyone wrote comments,
    1. a general comment about the movie reports and Show & Tell presentations, and
    2. a specific comment on their own presentation (if they gave one)
  4. Poster project (June 19th).
    1. On 1 piece of A3 paper
    2. Can be done alone or with a partner
    3. Should be more academic and require more research than the Show & Tell
    4. Tell me your topic today (or by email by Wednesday June 10th)
  5. Textbook Unit 2, Listening: we listened to the interview with the Japanese didgeridoo player, and filled in the blanks.
  6. Homework:
    1. Visit the class blog (here) and leave a comment
    2. Email me your movie report and comment
    3. Begin research for your poster project
    4. Unit 2 Part II worksheet
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