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Studies in English, week 6: November 2nd, 2012 – class cancelled

I must cancel this week’s class, because of duties at my main school.

(Writing Strategies II class in the morning is NOT cancelled, please note.)

  1.  On your blog by Tuesday (Nov. 6th) midnight  (if you have not done so already) write your research question, and:
    1. what do you know already (about your research question/topic?
    2. what do you want to know/find out?
    3. what did you find out so far?]
    4. where did you look (what resources did you use)?
  2. Prepare your first presentation – next week, Nov. 9th. Each presentation will be short: just tell your topic, what you know, what you want to find out, and what you have found out so far and how/where.
  3. N.B. (注意): next week’s presentations will not be graded. 来週のプレゼンは評価(採点)しません。プレゼンの目的は情報交換です。