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Weeping cherry しだれ桜 - 氷室神社、奈良
Weeping cherry しだれ桜 - 氷室神社、奈良

Welcome to the class blog for Sheffner’s 2011 classes at DWC: Research in English and Writing Strategies.

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I’m looking forward to teaching you this year. I like to teach:

  • I have been interested in language since I was a child, particularly in the history of English words.
  • I am interested in British culture, especially in those parts of British culture which have had a large impact on the world, including Japan.
  • I enjoy helping people to understand things more deeply and to develop their intelligence by making finer and finer distinctions.

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Writing Strategies II, Session #13: January 7th, 2011

Happy New Year

I took this photo over New Year while visiting Horyu-ji with my family. How did you spend the New Year’s holidays?

We have two classes left, Jan. 7th and Jan. 14th, then a final exam.

Here is the lesson plan for Jan. 7th:

  1. In groups, you will check your answers to the Study Questions for chapters, 13, 14 and 15 (Study Guide pages 39-44).
  2. I will call you up individually. 
    1. Show me your answers to Study Questions for chapters 10-12 (Study Guide pages 35-38).
    2. Show me the notes you took on your classmates’ presentations, Dec. 17th and 24th (if you still have them; you can show me next week, too)


  1. Answer the “Story Structure” questions in the Study Guide, page 45
  2. Translate your presentations into English
    1. Character study, or
    2. How we treat other people, or
    3. Curiosity.
    4. Another classic English children’s story from the ealry 20th century or before.
  3. Make sure you have correctly written the bibliographical data for the children’s story you read. You will need this in the exam (Jan. 21st). Here are two examples. Yours should be exactly like this:
    1. J.R.R. Tourukin. Hobbito no bouken. Trans. Teiji Seta. Tokyo: Iwanami Shoten, 2000. Print.
    2. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit. London: Harper Collins, 1979. Print.
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Click the picture to see a larger version