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Research in English (Linguistics) A session 11: July 1st, 2011 – student voices

  1. Minority languages should not be banned, because I think all human being should have the right to choose a language they speak. I suppose prohibition on minority languages means freedom is disturbed. If minority languages are banned, parents speaking them cannot understand their own children’s feelings accurately, because the children are not supposed to learn those languages. I think it’s a good idea that minority languages are recognized as official languages, but it does cost much money in the countries, so if that’s impossible, those speakers should be allowed to speak them, at least in the areas they are spoken. People should tell what they want to say to their families or friends exactly. However, people speaking minority languages should be encouraged to learn major languages to spread their cultures to other areas. Also, if they become able to speak major languages, they can communicate with more people and share their sense of values with major languages’ speakers. So, major languages should be taught at school. I don’t think unifying into one language or a ban on minority languages necessarily makes countries become stronger. I suppose a true strong country is the country whose people are cooperative with each other. Also, I think the country which allow minority languages is thought of the humane country and admired by other countries.
  2. I don’t agree both suppress and support to minority languages. Because, as Bill Bryson say, “It seems not to matter greatly whether governments suppress them brutally or support them lavishly” (44). I think we leave it to nature. Instead of doing support, however, governments or linguists, or someone, should record and preserve minority languages to understand its speaker’s culture, history and view, or for other reasons.