Studies in English, week 14: July 20th, 2012


  1. Copy these quotes, translate them then write your opinion about the ideas expressed:
    1. Without language, there is no thought.
    2. “Language, created by consciousness, also feeds back to it. And this feedback is very powerful, in the sense that it informs our way of viewing reality. The structure of language becomes, in a true sense, a monitor on what we can see and what we can’t see. What we can imagine and what we can’t imagine.”
    3. “You have to admit that we UNDERSTAND each other when we use language. Maybe not perfectly, but we understand. Meaning means something. You can’t describe how we know the meaning of conversation and text.”
  2. Write a question YOU have about language.
  3. Answer the 6 questions about chapter 5 on page 51. Write the answers on looseleaf.


Finish your report.

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