Studies in English, week 10: December 7th, 2012


Prepare your presentation for next week. This will be your last oral presentation this year.

Today’s class:

Your learning diaries (blogs) are 20% of your final grade. Wake up, guys!

From the syllabus:

Attendance and participation. 20% Learning diaries 20%.

Some tips for presenting:

  • don’t read your paper (it’s boring!)
  • if you make a handout, don’t read the handout (it’s boring! We can read, thank you!)
  • put key information on the handout or Powerpoint slide.
  • If you just read your presentation, repeat the key points 4 or 5 times.
  • speak slowly, and clearly.
  • give your sources, and check them first. It’s your responsibility to check your sources.
  • make sure you know the difference between fact and opinion, and tell your listeners which is which.
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