Studies in English II, week 13: January 10th, 2014


Finish writing the first draft of your final paper, print it out and bring it to class next week.

Today’s class:

  1. Presentations
    1. Yamanami on Immersion Language Programs
    2. Nishimori on Semiotics
  2. Does the Immersion Language program really work? What about results? Some people argue it is ineffective and expensive.
  3. Signs and symbols are used particularly by cults and secret societies. Secret societies want their members to accept THEIR meaning for signs and symbols associated with the society. But signs and symbols do not “mean” anything by themselves.
  4. Scottish accents: listen to this song “I’m on my way” by the Proclaimers and see what differences in pronunciation you notice between their pronunciation and standard British English. [youtube][/youtube]. And here’s another one with the lyrics on-screen. [youtube][/youtube]

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