Studies in English A, week 3: April 25th, 2014

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The presentation schedule can be viewed and downloaded here: SinEa_2014_Schedule


Read chapter 2 “What is Language?”

Presenters, prepare your presentations.

In today’s class:

  • what is language?
  • is music language?  (video used: )
  • is “body language” language? (Google images and lipstick adverts)
  • is birdsong language? (Japanese robin singing)
  • is whale song (or other animals’ communication) language? (Youtube “Whale Song”)
  • is language something “all living things have”? Even trees?
  • language has been called an industrial tool (something that can only be made by two or more human beings working together), as opposed to a craft tool (something which can be made by a single human being alone)

One thought on “Studies in English A, week 3: April 25th, 2014”

  1. Dear Mr. Sheffner,
    I’m H.Y.
    I’m interested in morphology and etymology of English.
    If I learn to know the background history of an English word, I’ll be happy to get familiar with the word.

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