Studies in English 1, week 9: June 15th, 2012

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Mozilla Firefox

Today, we will go to the computer room in the second half of the class, and create a blog for this class.

Use a blog platform that allows you to write and comment in English.

I suggest or goo

Click the link below to see a video where I show you how to make a blog using

This video was made for Tezukayama University students, so I use my Tezukayama University email address. Don’t send email to this address but to the address I gave you for this class: dwc – at mark –


  1. If you are using a computer on DWC campus, do NOT use Internet Explorer but Mozilla Firefox (Windows –> Internet tools –> Mozilla Firefox
  2. Create your own password and remember it (write it down somewhere). You can change your password later if you want.
  3. You need an email address: use your DWC email address. DO NOT USE YOUR CELLPHONE email address.
  4. The name of your blog should be in Roma-ji, not kanji, and in English, not Japanese.
  5. Copy the address of your blog and send it to me by email.
    1. Email subject 件名 SinE My Blog (Your Name)
  6. Write your first blog post:
    1. Introduce yourself briefly (remember to protect your privacy – your blog is public and can be read by anybody).
    2. Write your answers to last week’s homework, and your translation of your paragraph from chapter 4. Write in complete sentences, so readers can understand.
  7. Tell your classmates your blog address.
  8. Visit your classmates’ blogs and leave a comment.

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