SinEb, wk8, November 14th, 2014


Prepare your presentation.

Next class: November 28th. Presentation on “Pronunciation in English: what is hard for Japanese speakers”.

NB: the makeup class for cancelled week 6 will be on January 10th, not December 13th or 20th.

Today’s class

  • Presentation by Hasegawa, Hayano and Tsuchida on “Different class accents in the UK”.
  • Noel Gallagher is from Manchester and speaks English with a Manchester accent.
    • Characteristics include:
      • glottal stop instead of the sound ‘t’ inside words
      • dropping of final ‘g’ and final ‘t’ (same as in Cockney and in Black American English)
      • the ʌ sound in standard English (RP) becomes ʊ
  • Here’s a video explaining the British class system and accents
  • httpv://


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