SinEb, wk13, January 9th, 2015

Makeup class is tomorrow, Saturday, January 10th at the usual time and in the usual classroom.


  • Start writing your essay.
  • (Email me your essay title if you were absent today.)
  • Your essay should
    • be between 800-1,500 words
    • be in academic format (double-spaced),
    • have at least 5 paragraphs (introduction, body and conclusion)
    • have a bibliography – a list of all the books, articles, websites, movies, videos, etc. you read or watched in your research.

Today’s class

  1. Presentation about Australian English by Ms. Harada and Matsumiya.
  2. Why write an essay  in English?
    1. To encourage you to focus your thoughts and think for yourself about specific topics concerning linguistics.
    2. To develop your ability to express those thoughts clearly in written English.
    3. An essay is not a report: it expresses your opinions (with reasons) or it tries to persuade the reader to accept a new idea or point of view.
  3. Basic essay format
    1. Review the format in the MLA Style guidebook.
      1. Notice: double-spacing, nice big indents, no blank lines between paragraphs, and the format for the bibliography.
      2. Download the sample template here: Sample_Essay_template

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