SinEa, wk9, June 13th 2014

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  1. Read chapter 5 (first half) “Analysing Sounds”.
  2. Make a list of 5 topics you might write about for your final essay.

Presenters, prepare your presentations.

In today’s class:

  • There was a presentation about the second half of chapter 4 “Cutting Language Up”.
  • We looked at the MLA Guidebook, p. 21 and p. 29 – the format for writing an academic essay and for a bibliography.
  • Some possible topics for your final essay. Feel free to change the questions, or to create your own title:
    • What is the world’s oldest/first language?
    • Do men and women speak differently? Why?
    • Do animals have language or is it something only humans have?
    • How did writing systems develop?
    • Why is English the world language?
    • The Rosetta Stone
    • Th eTower of Babel
    • How do linguists record a language which has not writing system?
    • How many languages are there in the world?
    • Why are there so many different English accents?
    • What is a dialect?

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