SinEa, wk14, July 18th 2014


Finish writing your final essay.

  • Final essay should be 800-1000 words (excluding the bibliography).
  • The topic can be any topic connected with linguistics.
  • Choose something you are interested in.
  • Choose something you want to find out about.

Today’s class:

Rules for writing:

  1. Format:
    1. Double-spaced?
    2. Indent-style paragraphs?
    3. Nice big indent (at least 5 characters, 10 is ok)
    4. At least 5 paragraphs?
    5. At least 3 items in the bibliography?
    6. One item must be the textbook. Use your MLA Guildebook
    7. Reference in the body of the essay?
  2. Everything in your essay, including the bibliography, must be in Roman letters only.
    1. If you used Japanese sources, write them in Roman letters. Don’t translate them!
  3. Don’t use contractions like  “don’t, aren’t, isn’t, it’s, they’re” etc.
  4. Don’t write names in ALL CAPITALS. It’s like shouting.
  5. Don’t being a sentence with “And, So, But, Because”. Use “In addition,” “However,”  “Therefore,”. Or combine with the previous sentence to make a single sentence (and keep the “and, so, but or because”).
  6. Give your opinion with evidence: facts, numbers, etc.
  7. Say where you got the information from.
  8. Make sure your introductory (first) paragraph has the outline of your essay.

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