SinEa, wk11, June 27th 2014

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  1. Read chapter 6 (first half) “Morphemes and Words”.
  2. Choose your final essay topic.

Presenters, prepare your presentations.

In today’s class:

  • There was a presentation about the second half of chapter 5 “Analysing Sounds”.
  • What do you notice about the differences and similarities in this table?
  • [table id=1 /]
  • “Talking drum”
  • “Konokol”, a “language” used by Indian percussion players to learn and teach rhythm. Here’s a video of British guitarist John McLaughlin teaching Konokol httpv://,  and here’s video of John McLaughlin and his group “Shakti” playing “La Danse du Bonheur” which begins with a demonstration of konokol by the two percussionists. httpv:// and here’s a more recent (and shorter) version httpv://

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