AS1: week 12, July 7th, 2017


  1. For next week July 14th: Choose a claim in chapter 4, find evidence for it and (if necessary) give an explanation.
    • Evidence can be numbers, dates, tables, photos, maps.
    • You can use more than 1 item of evidence to support your claim
    • Tell (or show) your classmates where you got the evidence from (the book, newspaper, magazine, website, etc).
    • Present this information to your classmates orally next week.
  2. For two week s’ time, July 21st:  Choose four claims from chapters 4-7 in the textbook, find detailed evidence for them, and (if necessary) given an explanation.
    • This will be a written paper, in academic format.
    • Choose at least one claim of fact (e.g. Margaret Thatcher was the first woman prime minister of Britain) and at last one claim of judgement (e.g. David Beckham is the most famous English footballer).
    • List all your sources of information.

Today’s class

  1. Reviewed Queenie’s claim and evidence.
  2. Looked at picture 2, “the Voluptuary” and drew inferences from the observable evidence in the picture.
  3. Textbook, p. 46 “Before you read”, exercise #3.

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