Research in English Session #7: June 5th, 2009

Locator map for Australia
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  1. Movie reports: 6 students reported on Australian movies they have watched.
    1. Anyone who has not yet given a report can do it next week, but that will be the last chance.
  2. Show & Tell: 19 (out of 24) students gave a “Show & Tell” presentation on some aspect of Australia.
    1. Anyone who did not yet give a Show & Tell report can do it next week, but that will be the last chance.
  3. Comments on Movie Reports and Show & Tell: everyone wrote comments,
    1. a general comment about the movie reports and Show & Tell presentations, and
    2. a specific comment on their own presentation (if they gave one)
  4. Poster project (June 19th).
    1. On 1 piece of A3 paper
    2. Can be done alone or with a partner
    3. Should be more academic and require more research than the Show & Tell
    4. Tell me your topic today (or by email by Wednesday June 10th)
  5. Textbook Unit 2, Listening: we listened to the interview with the Japanese didgeridoo player, and filled in the blanks.
  6. Homework:
    1. Visit the class blog (here) and leave a comment
    2. Email me your movie report and comment
    3. Begin research for your poster project
    4. Unit 2 Part II worksheet
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5 thoughts on “Research in English Session #7: June 5th, 2009”

  1. Hello!
    It was good to be able to know a lot of various things of Australia from everyone’s Show and Tell.
    Also, this blog has much useful imformation, so I would like to apply these information to my study.
    See you!

  2. Hello!
    I was absent from school last week because of job hunting, so it is very useful for me to check what everyone did in the class.
    I’ll do my best to do my homework.
    See you on Friday!

  3. In last class, I really enjoyed everyone’s speech about movie report and Show and Tell.
    Now, I try hard to finish movie report.

    By the way, this blog is useful and interesting!

  4. Hello! This is Rie.
    There are a lot of useful and interesting information in this blog. I’d like to visit this blog many times.

  5. Hi, this is Rie.
    How was my speech in last class?
    i was nervous when i was speaking.
    I always feel it was a little difficult to make a speech in few minutes from such a long story.
    But i keep trying that. Thank you.

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