Research in English Session #2: October 2nd, 2009

Hello, Researchers in English!

Today’s lesson plan:

Check the homework (ええ!宿題あったの?!)


  1. paragraph format and email format.
  2. Interview a classmate
  3. Complete a form letter about your classmate
  4. Write out the letter, using correct paragraph format
  5. Re-write 1 paragraph from your “Summer Vacation” (which you wrote last week) using correct paragraph format.


  1. Chp 5 p. 30 Read. Look up words you don’t know. Write 6 questions about the reading.
  2. Type a self-introduction letter, using correct paragraph format in Microsoft Word, and send it to me as a file attachment 添付ファイル by email BY Wednesday October 7th, 12:00.

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2 thoughts on “Research in English Session #2: October 2nd, 2009”

  1. Hello.
    Now,typhoon is coming.
    Because of it, we have no class today.
    I am going to do a lot of homework.

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