Research in English (Linguistics) A session 1: April 15th, 2011

This class will continue, even though there may be fewer than 5 students (as of today, 3 students are registered, but 2 new students attended today’s class).

The classroom has been changed: S014 –> S304

Please read the syllabus carefully.


  1. send me an email (use the correct email format)
  2. leave a comment on the class blog (do not use your full name, only your family name)
  3. read chapter 1 of the textbook
  4. How many words are there in Japanese?

One thought on “Research in English (Linguistics) A session 1: April 15th, 2011”

  1. i had never thought how many words i use in an hour. japanese has a 4 type, kanji hiragana, katakane and ro-maji. and by graduation from high school, we learned o lot of kanji. it was really surprised me. i guess, in only japanese, there are many words and young people make new words day by day. i think they are also japanese so in this world there are a lots words we cant count.

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