Research in English II

Australia, climate over 30 years (1961–1990).
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Hi, Researchers! Welcome to Sheffner’s Research in English IID.


  1. Answer the questions in the textbook on page 29
  2. Read some of the Australian news posts on this blog,
  3. choose one that interests you, and
  4. leave a comment about it.

The Australian news posts are

  1. Unexpected visitor
  2. Aborigines not getting the houses they were promised
  3. The Cove… on Japanese TV
  4. The power of film
  5. Broome tells Japanese city to stop dolphin slaughter
  6. Australian girl in Japan to learn sumo

To leave a comment,

  1. click on “No comments” below
  2. write a name (I suggest you use a nickname or pen-name) and
  3. an email address (this email address is invisible to other users) – I suggest your university email address
  4. type your comment (remember, you are writing for other students, not for the teacher),
  5. click on “Submit Comment”
  6. that’s it! (Your comment will appear after I have approved it; that will take a few hours).

Today’s lesson plan (#1):

Handout: rules, syllabus, contact details, objectives of this course

Assignment: Write 2 paragraphs about your summer vacation using paragraph formatting.

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10 thoughts on “Research in English II”

  1. I read “unexpected visitor”.
    This experience is so amazing I thought.
    If I was that women, I couldn’t know how I can manage it.

  2. Hello. I am Ayako.
    Ia here correct place to leave comment?
    I don’t know!
    See you tomorrow.

  3. Hello. I’m interested in “Australian girl in Japan to learn sumo”.
    I belong to the Japanese Kung fu culb.
    When I read this news, I thougt that I’ ll do my best in the club like her.

  4. I read “Australian girl in Japan to learn sumo.”
    I was very surprised at the super girl.
    I want her to be more famous for understanding Japanese culture in Australia.

  5. I read “Broome tells Japanese city to stop dolphin slaughter”.
    I was suprised to read the news.
    I think they have to try understand each culture.

  6. Hello.
    I read report about dolphin.
    I think this problem is too hard to find right answer, because custom is different from each culture.

  7. I am interested in “what kind of parttime job?” in class. And everyone know whether there are good restaurants in Kyoto.

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